Stuff Your Dog Must-Haves!

There are definite MUST-haves, then some SHOULD-haves and tons of WANT TO-haves. But the truth remains the same: a dog needs a good leash, a good bed, a few good supplements, a good shampoo, a good ear cleaner and last but not least a good grooming finish. Also, probably a good grooming kit that won’t break every 6 months. I am yet to figure that one out.

Here’s a list of Housepetmagazine’s Must Have Necessities for your dog that I personally found very helpful to me over the years. If you have any comments about the below products (five or no-paws) let me know. I would love to hear from my readers:


Recommended by Dr. Shawn!
PetCentrx “Vim & Vigor

Good health requires diet supplementation and a concerted effort to improve a diet. That’s true for both pets and their human companions. We are happy to have Dr. Shawn share his expertise with Housepetmagazine and give us the perfect tips on how to better care for our pets. He tells me this is an amazing product. In today’s world, most people overfeed their pets with highly processed foods without any fresh nutrients in them. Unfortunately, that steals years and years from our four legged friends’ lives. That’s why PetCentrx “Vim & Vigor” wellness formula made it to our MUST HAVE list. This veterinarian recommended wellness formula is a highly nutritious supplement. It has amazing ingredients and I am mostly impressed to see Co-Enzyme Q-10 and Vitamin B12 Supplement since I take these myself too!!!! So, if you’re wondering how you can improve your dog’s health or how you can keep his good health and looks, than this will be your answer: PetCentrx “Vim & Vigor


Animals, just like their two legged friends, if not groomed well, will smell bad. It’s that easy. And just like humans, eating healthy food and proper supplements will have remarkably positive effects on skin, coat, teeth, and ear canals of our dogs – which means less or no bad odor. But we all know even healthy dogs will smell like dogs. That’s where Sexy Beast wins. First of, I have to let everyone know that I would never put anything on my dog that I wouldn’t be comfortable putting on myself. And if you ask me, you don’t need a dog to buy this highly-sexy eau de perfume. If you’ve been dreaming about pampering handsome Fido with good smells, then go with Sexy Beast. This low-alcohol fragrance is formulated specifically for a dog’s sensitive sense of smell. A unisex blend of bergamot and vanilla-infused musk combined with natural patchouli, mandarin and nutmeg oils. It will keep your dog smelling fresh and clean. And a little New York-er!100% vegan. Five Paws. Worth the price.Also, check the Finishing Products. Pawsome!



I’ve been using DermaPet’s MALACETIC OTIC as an ear cleanser for my cocker spaniel for the past 8 years. The vets are amazed to see my 10 year old with no ear problems and dirt. The vets always ask what my secret is 🙂 This product keeps my dog healthy and clean.TIP-1: Make sure the solution is room temperature before applying to the ear canal. If it’s cold, your dog may feel uncomfortable. TIP-2: I find it easier to apply after washing my dog.Directions: Apply liberally to ear. Gently, but firmly massage the base of the ear. Apply a cotton ball to remove any excess solution. Repeat as necessary.


Health problems do come from a lifetime of enzyme empty diets in our dogs’ lives. Please give Prozyme or any other enzyme supplement to your four legged friends (cats+dogs). Prozyme increases the absorption of vital nutrients and essential fatty acids from your pet’s food and supplements by up to 71%. A plant derived enzyme food supplement, PROZYME is a combination of natural enzymes that help pull nutrients from food that would normally pass right on through. By adding PROZYME to your pet’s diet, you will restore missing enzyme activity. Better digestion and absorption of their food leads to a healthier pet, improved appetite, and healthier skin and coat. This increased absorption provides natural relief from various health difficulties. More info

Read our article on Enzymes

Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed.

Arthritis, which is also called degenerative joint disease is defined as inflammation of the joints. Recent research indicates radiographic lesions of arthritis are apparent in 95% of dogs at age two. Whether or not your dog had an injury or showing signs of arthritis, I highly recommend OCK9 beds for they are the epitome of comfort for our four legged friends. I placed my pup’s new mattress inside his bed frame ( a very old bed he will never give up) and it is a joy to find him in ridiculous positions of sleep comfort every morning. From OCK9’s website: Our premium quality orthopedic dog beds are Veterinarian recommended to significantly reduce the pains caused by arthritis, compressed spines, orthopedic injuries, orthopedic hip dysplasia and older mobility challenged dogs recovering from surgery. Orange County K9™ dog beds will provide your pet with complete comfort.


Retractable dog leash is a bad idea. The main purpose of a leash is to control your dog and ultimately protect him and yourself from chaotic situations. I never liked leather leashes either because I don’t like to wear it and neither should my pup. Then came the Lupen leash to our house. It’s just long enough to give some freedom to my dog on our walk and yet so easy shorten when necessary. The fabric is soft on my hands. Last but not least, I really love the lightness of this leash. If my dog is walking nicely with me, I don’t even feel I am carrying a leash. Oh wait, did I mention the great colors and patterns to choose from. The image on the left is Muddy Paw pattern.


Spa Lavish Pet Shampoo: Nature’s Health: We all know that our dogs should not be washed with human shampoos. There are many shampoos to choose from depending on your pet’s hair coat, skin condition, or desired result. And I think over the past 10 years, I’ve tried them all. If your dog does not need a special medicated shampoo, then, I highly recommend this wonderful new shampoo I found at my favorite holistic store. You can also buy this online at PETdiscounters. This unique shampoo line has great smells to choose from and is truly a pleasure for bath times ~ for you and your dog! It smells soooo good! For all I can say, if you’re looking for the right shampoo and bath products for your pooch, give this new line of products a try. Environmentally safe, cruelty free formula. Worth the money. FIVE PAWS!


If it had not been for Synovi-MSM Granules, my dog could never have survived his accident 9 years ago in which he tore a tendon and went under a major ACL, Anterior Cruciate Ligament surgery on his rear leg. I found out about Synovi MSM two years after the surgery. My puppy had a significant relief of stiffness and most importantly no more recurring painful attacks. Synovi-MSM for dogs is a combination of MSM, Glucosamine HCl, Perna Canaliculus, and Vitamin C. It’s fortified with carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Synovi-MSM helps maintain healthy joints and stimulates the production of new connective tissue and synovial fluid.

Earth Animal’s Organic Herbal Remedy: For Vision: I just started using this very promising product for my Cocker Spaniel’s eyes. He’s 11 years old. His eyes are not as vibrant as they used to be. I’ll take this as a preventative measure. Ingredients: Eyebright, Chamomile, Ginkg, Goldenseal, Bayberry with Flower Essences of Nasturtium, Shasta Daisy, Higher Spectral Colors #2 & 6 for Emotional Balance. Traditionally used in inflammatory, allergic and infectious conditions of the eyes such as conjunctivitis, corneal conditions, retinal and iris problems, glaucoma, and cataracts. Mix with food. More info


Call me crazy, I love this CD. It will play in my music library even if my pup is not around. My dog loves the songs. My cat on the other hand… not so much. Listen samples here.


Bailey’s Skin Rescue. A very natural skin irritation remedy for dogs for hot spots or any skin irritation, developed when Alex Jory battled a staph infection on her rottie’s belly, caused from bug bites. Bailey’s Skin Rescue is a special combination of tea tree, lavender essential oils and acidophilus in an all natural botanical cream base which also includes extracts of chamomile, avocado, echinacea, green tea, cucumber and sea kelp and various plant oils. $7.99 US plus shipping. Order on Jory’s website.tis, corneal conditions, retinal and iris problems, glaucoma, and cataracts. Mix with food.