Why dog grooming is important

We all love our furry friends, but sometimes pet grooming, to many of us, seems to be not so tempting, especially for dogs as they are super playful and never sit still for a grooming time. In fact, while we underestimate the benefits of grooming, or sometimes we even misunderstand that grooming is just giving your dogs few swipes of brush, dog grooming is substantially important to the pets’ health and happiness; and yes, dog grooming includes taking care of your dog’s various body parts such as nails, teeth, skin, eyes, and coat.

Dog grooming benefits both the pets and owners in several ways. First of all, the most well-known benefit is that dog grooming improves your dog’s appearance. Grooming helps to remove dirt and maintains natural cleanliness for your dog. For example, brushing not only removes dirt and dead hair, but also removes dandruff. Additionally, natural oils in dog’s fur are secreted while being regularly brushed. These natural oils then spread all over the fur and give the coat a healthy sheen. Moreover, a clean and well-groomed dog is more attractive. Now you may think that being attractive for a dog should not be so essential at all, but it does actually have a psychological effect on your dog. As more people will be more likely to interact with a clean dog, your dog, in fact, will have more opportunities to socialize. Thus, dog grooming improves not only your dog’s physical health and appearance but also his or her mental health. More article about how to take care of your dog on crittersitca.com

Benefit From Dog Grooming

To continue with the cleanliness, your dogs are not the only ones who benefit from dog grooming. You, as a house owner, will also greatly benefit from grooming. When being regularly brushed and groomed, your dog will less likely to leave hair and dirt in your home, especially your furnitures such as sofas, beds, curtains, and so on. Hence, you can eliminate more allergens derived from your pets in your home. Now if you have a visitor coming and he or she is prone to allergies, although grooming cannot help to remove perfectly hair and dander that act as allergens, at least grooming helps to make your home a safer place for your visitor.

Next, dog grooming can also act as a health check for your dog. The time you brush or comb your dog is the best time to identify any abnormal bumps or lumps on his skin. The same concept applies to other body parts such as teeth or nails. During dog grooming, you can also also find out any bleeding wound or bad breath that indicate a health problem. Regular grooming is one of the best ways to discover potential health issues in a timely manner so you can bring your dog to the veterinarian for further help before these health issues start to worsen.

So now you may have gained a better understanding on how dog grooming is tremendously essential. Let’s talk about how you can effectively groom your dog so that you can save your time and effort. There are various pet care services that offer professional grooming services for your pets. However, the cost could be not so affordable for regular visits. Hence, another highly recommended option is DIY grooming at home with supporting tools and equipment. Few tools you can get for dog grooming at home are a dog clipper for grooming hair, a nail clipper, brushes, and so on. With some proper research, you can get these tools at a very affordable price.

Start Grooming Your Dog

After having the tools on hand, you can start grooming your dog. Don’t forget to take care of other body parts besides brushing the coat. For example, cleaning the ears is important as well. They should be clean and odor-free. While cleaning the ears, you should also check for infections and parasites by identifying red spots, unpleasant odor, or other signs. After the ears, you can move on to the eyes. Your dog’s eyes should be bright and clear. Any hair obstructing your dog’s eyesight should be trimmed or removed. Then, when it comes to the nails, trimming the pet’s nails is one of the most basics. Your dog’s nails may get sharp if not being trimmed regularly, and sharp nails can highly increase the risk of injury for you and your dog. Therefore, even though you may not have time for full-body grooming, do trim your dog’s nails once in a while to make sure your pet would not hurt himself with his nails. Last but not least, you should also check their teeth for any bad breath or gum diseases. As dog grooming allows you to do a mostly comprehensive check of your dog’s overall health, you should do grooming often so that you can discover immediately any abnormalities and cure them in time.

In short, dog grooming is not necessarily a painful chore. It is understandable that it may be difficult at first to train your dog to stay still for grooming, but once you get used to it, the benefits you get for you and your dogs are priceless. After all, dog grooming is just an occasion to enjoy a good time with your furry friend while keeping him in a good shape. So why not?